Something to consider...

  • Anyone thinking of selling their QTUM now should stop and really think about it...

    In September when it opens, QTUM will be in the top ten. Think of all the users who are unaware of the QTUM blockchain and all of the sudden they see it hit the top ten in September. I honestly think when everyone sees QTUM in the top ten, they will invest heavily making QTUM skyrocket. Not only will it promote heavy investing, but organizations will be starting their businesses with QTUM.

    QTUM is going to be the next big thing!!

    Again great job QTUM TEAM, keep up the hard work, it's paying off.

    Also Patrick, I've read a lot about you and claims of scams with bitbay. You are showing them all that they were WRONG and you will have one of the best blockchains in the world.

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