Missed Qtum ICO, buy IOUs?

  • Hello all,

    I missed the Qtum ICO unfortunately but I would like to buy some IOUs. Can you recommend a good site for this for someone who lives in the U.S.? I'm new to cryptocurrency.

    From my research, I found that Bter, Yunbi and AllCoin sell Qtum IOUs but I'm not sure if there are any restrictions for people in the U.S.

    Do you guys think these IOUs are too risky and that I should wait until September instead?

    Lastly, I saw that Yunbi and Bter are asking for a copy of my passport in order to verify my identity. Giving someone a copy of my passport seems risky to me, but perhaps I'm just being paranoid. Any thoughts on this?

    Thanks in advance for any answers!

  • Yunbi is much more reliable.

  • @LeuName @LeuName if the exchange will sell to USA then it should be good to go. I'm pretty sure when you register with the exchange they will let you know if they will sell to USA. I don't think allcoin sells to the USA. Loading a picture of your ID or passport is pretty much standard for any of the exchanges. Buying IOU''s vs waiting until September.... It's up to you, but I don't think that there will be a problem with buying IOU's l...

  • @frankrbruno Correct, Allcoin will not sell to the USA.

  • Thanks for the clarifications all! From what I see, I need a Chinese debit card in order to deposit CNY to Yunbi so that I can buy cryptocurrencies. I guess I'm stuck with Bter, unless there's a way around this.

  • @LeuName There is a way. Buy Bitcoin and then withdraw them onto your new created Yunbi account. Then you can sell your Bitcoin for QTUM or even for CNY to buy QTUM right after.

    You can buy Bitcoin on pretty much any exchange website. I personally use cex.io as I've never had any trouble with them yet. (I had with Kraken and Coinbase)

  • @Fidarel Thank you! Worked great!

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