Selling of Qtum

  • I was curious given the exchanges that participated in the qtum ico, bizhonchou , all coin, yunbi, ico365 icoage etc..

    How can we sell our tokens if we used icoage. Given no blockchain exists it would be a shame if all the exchanges besides icoage use the "iou" system. What are the odds of me getting just screwed ??


  • @aust1397 That's all up to the exchanges. Doesn't really have much to do with the QTUM team. Maybe icoage will offer it soon.

  • One thing I find a bit odd..... An unknown individual going by the screen name of "spring" from Singapore helped me throughout the process of the ico. I find it odd that spring works for qtum as customer support while working for icoage ...there couldn't be a bigger conflict of interest. You think exchanges and ico is separate, it couldn't be more deceivingly close

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