• @Fidarel

    Ya, I wish I had more money to invest as well. Really sucks being so broke. Don't care how broke I am though, I'm not going to sell my QTUM. It's not all about the money though. I must say, I've got to chat with very interesting people and learn a lot. The people in the team that I've had a chance to chat with are not only super smart, hard working, but they are really down to earth...

  • @frankrbruno New to cryptocurrencies but have done a little research, and I figure you need to be pretty smart (brilliant and intelligent) to thrive in the cryptocurrency technology space.
    And well done @frankrbruno , you've been doing a great job helping others in the forum. Please keep the enthusiasm burning...

  • @dili

    Welcome to the forum. Thank you very much, that is very nice of you to say.

  • @frankrbruno He's right you know ?
    I wanted to be active as well. Unfortunately I have a rough schedule. :wolf:
    My estimation would be around 70$ for Christmas, if not more...

  • You guys are much appreciated. My schedule is kind of crazy also, but I know the team is way busy. I just try to help out as much as I can and get to learn a lot doing it.

  • For the price to stay in double digit dollar price there will need to be some announcements around serious development happening on the Testnet and then the Mainnet. Allegro going over to Ethereum after initially stating they would go with Qtum definitely hurt credibility in my opinion.

  • Not a problem...Just need a few china ICOs on Qtum platform. To the moon-- borrow from dogecoin!

  • @Mikle
    You know if I were a company running on a block chain, I would run on as many blockchains as I could. More blockchains the more people equals more revenue...

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