• @simbro hahaha ya simbro me too, I need to learn Chinese Google translate doesn't really do a good job...

  • Does anyone know what they are really saying in that email?

    They are saying that they are going to send you a new bizhongchou username and password right?.. how do they know usernames and passwords? Is this whole exercise not insecure?

    Their email says the following:

    ///////////////////'You will receive an email including your BiZhongChou username and password. //////

    I thought you get to keep the username and password you created when you participated in the ico on their site.

    Now this communications from them is very confusing and needs clarification.

    Can someone from qtum or bizhongchou please clarify this?

  • @qtumowner Email them, they usually respond in a day or two. They may be getting a lot of emails and it might take a little longer for them to respond, but I'm sure they will..

    Their email is
    [email protected]

  • @qtumowner I emailed them earlier today and got a response within 24 hours. They are very helpful. I don't see anything wrong with their service and am actually glad that I went through them.

  • Trading is now open at bizhongchou. The say use Google translate for people who can't read Chinese. Good luck to all, and like I said, I wouldn't sell them all now... Test net is coming out soon and Sept. Is the big month. Must say I'm kinda excited....

  • I don't know how to navigate to the trading section on the site or even view my balance.

  • @daadog I haven't had time to try yet. I would suggest trying to find someone who knows how to read Chinese real well. I was thinking of going to the local Chinese grocery store or Chinese food place to get help because I don't know anyone who reads Chinese myself. Trying to navigate throught a website using Google translate will be difficult...

  • @daadog I emailed then a few days ago to ask when they think they may have an English page version. They got back really quickly and did they would have an english version very soon.

  • @simbro yep they told me the same...

  • Some of us have not received the username and password yet.. what is going on. how do we get this resolved. Wish they never changed your original username and passwords and generated their own.. The username and password emails are getting lost somewhere.

  • @qtumowner Email them, they respond quickly. Seriously can't believe how good their customer service is.

  • I just hope that they keep the ICO dashboard until October and never mess around with my coins/account. I will wait and withdraw in split seconds once the mainnet + wallet are ready.
    I emailed them just minutes ago. Wish I will get their reply soon.

  • @movieplayer Let me know what they reply.

  • @movieplayer I tried to log into the crowd sale site and it's not up anymore. I did log into the new Web site, used Google translate the best I could and was able to change my password. At first I couldn't find the qtum until I switched to PC. Once I saw the desktop version, you can see at the top right of the page where the word "push" is at. Click on that and it will show your balance and well I didn't go much further than that, but that is the spot where u can buy and sale. I really think it will be the smartest thing to hold on to what you have and buy more. That's just me though.

  • When I have more time I will figure everything out the best I can and help whoever would like help.

  • @frankrbruno No reply so far. But the ICO website is still there and I can check my balance. On the contrary, the Bizhongchou website does not show my balance there. I am good with that though.

  • Does anyone know if it's possible to withdraw my qtum to yunbi or any other exchange ?

  • @movieplayer
    I just checked the Ico page and it is still up. I guess last time I checked it was just down. I can tell you that your balance has been transferred and it is on the new website as well. It shows my balance on both the Ico page and the exchange . So I think it is very important to go to the new website and secure it.

  • @daadog I think you can only buy or sell the iou's. I do not think they're transferable yet, but I could be wrong.

  • @simbro Be sure to Zoom Out (-) to make sure you can read all website text on BHC.

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