Dev Update Week of June 5th

  • qtum team

    Week of June 5th:

    Changes made through this week to the core wallet:

    Bugs fixed:

    • [Staking] Fixed various bugs in the RPC interface for PoS staking
    • [Staking] Fixed a bug where staker would be executed even if there are no coins for staking
    • [Consensus/AAL] Fixed a bug where 'mandatory-script-verify-flag-failed' error would occur when sending many transactions from a contract
    • [Consensus/EVM] Fixed a bug where new contract state was made when a contract suicide occured
    • [Node] Fixed a bug when reindexing where the txdb was not fully populated, making it so that PoS blocks failed validation
    • [Consensus/PoS] Removed validation rule for PoS block header hash proofs. This is checked later with a full block and should not present any major security or DoS problems and otherwise would be a major slowdown for syncing
    • [Consensus/PoS] Fixed a bug where it was possible to generate (burned) coins from the coinbase commitment in PoS blocks. This should not have presented any issue since the coins are immediately burned, but it is safer to ensure this isn't possible
    • [Consensus/PoS] Fixed a validation rule bug where a node would segfault if a PoS block was broadcast which did not include a coinstake transaction

    Work completed:

    • [Staking] Made it so that the staker only processes transactions when a successful PoS block is found. It tests this first with an empty block and then processes transactions from the mempool and fills the block

    In-progress work and soon to be fixed bugs:

    • [Consensus/EVM] Fixing some behavior from the EVM in regards to gas price. The EVM has it's own notion of gas price which is not compatible with Qtum's model.
    • [RPC] Fixing a bug where gas refunds show up as "immature staked" coins
    • [Consensus/EVM] It is possible for a contract to create an invalid block by sending 100,000+ transactions. Although this is not realistic with real money, this shouldn't be possible in the first place

  • Hope everything stays on schedule. You guys are doing a great job!

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