Dev Update Week of May 29th

  • qtum team

    Changes made through this week to the core wallet:

    Bugs fixed:

    • [Consensus/PoS] Fixed a PoS difficulty bug
    • [Node] Fixed a bug that caused a reindex to fail due to checking block timestamp drift
    • [Consensus/EVM] Fixed a bug where gas refunds were not properly validated in PoS blocks
    • [Wallet] Fixed a bug where the wallet would try to spend coinstake coins before maturity
    • [Consensus/AAL] Fixed a bug where contract transactions would fail validation after numerous sends from a contract
    • [Consensus/EVM] Fixed a bug where contract suicides would create new state in the RLP

    Work completed:

    • [Consensus/PoS] Properly populate the PoS fields in the block header with data and validate that data
    • [Node] Removed the need to fully validate the index for PoS blocks (this relies on transaction data and is not practical at reindex stage)
    • [Consensus/PoS] Allow staking to happen before the last PoW block
    • [Consensus/PoS] Removed 2 unneeded fields in the block header, fStake (can be deduced from other logic), and nStakeTime (always the same as block time now)
    • [Consensus/PoS] Add rule that PoS data in the block header must exactly match the corresponding transaction data

    In-progress work and soon to be fixed bugs:

    • [Staking] Various bugs for the RPC interface for PoS staking
    • [Staking] Staker should not be executed if there are no coins for staking

  • Any word when the test net will be released?

  • TestNet will release in 26 days and 20hours...

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