Qtum Presale

  • Hello everybody, I joined the crowdsale via https://bizhongchou.com and had a confirmation email from them notifying the end of crowdsale. Today I wanted to check my account and see the qtum coins that I have there. The problem is that with the email I have given the webpage now gives an error that user does not exist. Also now everything is Chinese there, during the crowdsale I remember it to be in English. So my question: How am I going to access my qtum wallet and coins?

  • Also now try to contact bizhongchou, chat does not work at all (javascript void bla bla ) You are collecting millions of funding and how come you are working with so awful people? In the end I will have to post this to their twitter or Facebook pages or just write a blog post about it which is bad.

  • It is the responsibility of qtum people to intervene on such situations. I can provide the bitcoin address which I sent funds.

  • @user16 RELAX... haha try this link then click join now...


  • @user16 also if u email them, they do respond...

  • OK, your link works, the problem is it doesn't exist in the confirmation email after the presale and bizhongchou site is really bad. That all worried me a lot when I received the prompt, user does not exist. Thanks a lot!

  • @user16 Ya, no problem, next time don't get so upset before you ask for help threatening to go on twitter n stuff lol

  • I purchased my qtum on icoage. Currently I have a decent amount of Qtum, I understand that because of yunbi having the biggest volume yet small amount of circulation the price is artifiically high and then the other exchanges follow suit, however am I able to deposit my qtum to either bter for cny and or yunbi for cny. Sell for btc, transfer to my kraken and sell out for U.S.D???? The gains are far to much not to pull out.


  • @aust1397 I don't think you can do anything with it until the mainnet is released in September.

  • @aust1397 Also, I don't think there is anything artificial about the price. The demand is there and remember this blockchain combines the two best blockchains. With that being said, I think the price is still way too low. I believe if the price was at 25 that people would still buy it like crazy.

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