Dev Update Week of May 15

  • qtum team

    Dev update:
    Week of May 15th:

    Changes made through this week to the core wallet:

    Bugs fixed:

    • [Wallet] Fixed a bug where doing a reindex could cause the wallet to segfault

    Work completed:

    • [Consensus/PoS] Finally added the remaining PoSv3 consensus rules
    • [Consensus/DGP] Finished the DGP smart contract code
    • [Consensus/DGP] Integrated the first DGP feature into the Qtum blockchain
    • [Testing/DGP] Added automated tests for the DGP smart contract to ensure it's behavior is correct

    Ongoing in-progress work:

    • [Consensus/PoS] Testing and reviewing the completed PoSv3 support
    • [Consensus/DGP] Testing and reviewing the first DGP support

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