Dev Update May 12th

  • qtum team

    Changes made through this week to the core wallet:

    Bugs fixed:

    • [Wallet] Fixed a bug whereSendtocontract And Sendtoaddress Did not track their inputs Properly And could try to spend already Spent Inputs.
    • [Consensus / EVM] Fixed a bug where theVinSigScript would sometimes be empty for an AUR created gas refund

    Work completed:

    • [Consensus / PoS] Added Coinbase andCoinstakeRules for PoS
    • [Wallet / PoS] Added internal block creation for PoS that properly handles new EVM block header fields
    • [Testing / EVM] Added more automated tests for new EVM block header fields
    • [Consensus / EVM] Changed the method used to Validate AAL created transactions to ensure that their order in the block and exact values ‚Äčare all consensus-critical
    • [Consensus / PoS] Added most of the PoSv3 base consensus rules from validation.cpp

    Ongoing in-progress work:

    • [Consensus / PoS] Working on adding the remaining PoSv3 consensus rules from net_processing.cpp
    • [Consensus] Working on initial DGP framework implementation

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