• Hello All,

    If you walk down the street and ask people if they have ever heard of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ether, things like that, I would say 90% of people don't know. If they have heard of cryptocurency, it never goes past Bitcoin. I can say that I haven't met one person who knows what Ether or Qtum is yet. My business idea will get many new people to register and use the blockchain whom have never even heard of it. I would like to base my business on QTUM once I get everything together mainly because of the mobile application. The mobile application will make it easier for millions of people whom have never used a blockchain before to purchase and use QTUM for their benefit. I see a different point of view when it comes to blockchain technology and how it can be used for businesses.

  • So lets say I want to create a business and I want my business to run on one or more blockchains. Imagine the person who codes a program that when a new business wants to make tokens. The program easily creates their business tokens on any blockchain they want to at a click of a button or do they have that already?

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