Dev Update April 28th

  • qtum team

    Changes made through this week to the core wallet:

    Bugs fixed:

    • [Wallet] Fixed a bug where transactions were sometimes unnecessarily sent with extremely high fees

    Work completed:

    • [Tests/regressions] Fixed several Qt and EVM tests that had become out of date
    • [Consensus/PoS] Added almost all of the necessary support code for staking and creating valid PoS blocks in the wallet
    • [Tests/regressions] Fixed regression tests that broke by adding nTime to the transaction format
    • [Consensus/EVM] Completed the support code and functionality changes required for formalizing the nVersion argument for OP_CALL and OP_CREATE so that future forks are easier
    • [Wallet/PoS] Added the notion of "reserve balance" so that it is possible for users to opt-out of staking a set amount of funds.

    Ongoing in-progress work:

    • [Consensus/AAL] Adding the "condensing transaction" design to the AAL which greatly simplifies the accounting process and eliminates several weaknesses in the original design. The core code is now completed but in review and testing
    • [Consensus/PoS] Adding the support code necessary for signing blocks and checking the signature of existing blocks. The core code is completed but in review and testing

    Design work:

    • [Consensus] More design work is being done and details will be released later when the design is complete

  • It's a good update !

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