Qtum Development Updates: April 21st, 2017

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    Qtum Technology Updates

    Changes made through this week to the core wallet:

    Bugs fixed:

    [Consensus/mining] Fixed segwit block construction to properly handle EVM refund transactions in the AAL

    [Consensus/EVM] Fixed an integer overflow issue where gas values were sometimes seen as negative

    [RPC/wallet] Fixed createcontract and sendtocontract bug where inputs would sometimes be signed in the wrong order

    Work completed:

    [Consensus/chain] Implemented PoS compatible difficulty algorithm which adjusts the difficulty with every block, rather than every two weeks

    [Misc] Ported Bitpay features to Qtum, however, they will not be imported to the main wallet "master" branch at this point, and will remain in their own branch.

    [Builds] Updated the code to have no compiler warnings
    [Tests/regressions] Added several automated regression tests for OP_CALL (previously named OP_EXECASSIGN)

    [Consensus/PoS] Added several pieces of staking data to the blockheader, which allows for syncing and partially-validating block headers before syncing transaction body data and witness signature data (this results in faster syncing, and more secure block validation when without witness data)

    Ongoing in-progress work:

    [Consensus/AAL] Adding the "condensing transaction" design to the AAL which greatly simplifies the accounting process and eliminates several weaknesses in the original design

    [Consensus/PoS] Adding rules for PoSv3 to fully validate PoS blocks for consensus purposes
    Design work:

    [Consensus/EVM] Formalized the format of the version argument for OP_CALL and OP_CREATE to make future soft-forks simple

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    This is Qtum's mobile wallet in action. You can easily create your token on top of Qtum's blockchain and trade with your friends, issue rewards points for your small business, or create a virtual community.

    Academic Outreach

    Dr. Alex Norta, Academic Advisor for the Qtum Foundation, recently gave a lecture at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology to a group of masters students about blockchain technology, Qtum and how it will be the foundation for many applications in the future.

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