QTUM executable file location in Windows

  • I have followed the "Qtum Wallet Tutorial" and managed to download my tokens from Bittrex. I was then able to encrypt the wallet. I got the message "Qtum Core will close not to finish the encryption process." I then got "Qtum Core is shutting down..." "Do no shut down the computer until this window disappears". Once this disappeared, I restarted my Window desktop. When I brought it up, I could not find the Qtum wallet anywhere. I expected it to create an icon, but it did not. I searched C:\program files and it was not there. According to the instructions, I was to back it up after this last message that implied I was to shutdown my computer. Any ideas? I installed qtum-0.14.12-win64 on my Windows 8.1 64-bit desktop. I did move the zip file off to a usb key because I did not think I needed it after the install. I could run the executable again, but I am afraid it could wipe out my wallet with my deposited tokens. Appreciate any insight anyone has on this. Thank you

  • qtum team

    once open the wallet, go to "File" => "Backup wallet", keep it safe, then you will never lose your money.

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