Finance Magnates reports on the first Qtum DApp

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    Agrello, an Estonian blockchain startup developing business-ready smart contract solutions, has announced that it has selected the Qtum blockchain as its infrastructure of choice for the company’s AI powered smart contract interface.

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    Agrello develops an intuitive AI powered interface, allowing users with no legal or coding skills to easily create, manage, and automate legally binding smart agreements which are both – stored as smart contracts on the blockchain, as well as translated to legally biding documents in natural English.

    According to Agrello, their solution will allow individuals and businesses to use smart contracts as a substitute and enhancement to standard paper contracts – a practice until recently regarded as impossible due to the complicated and obfuscated nature of smart contract technology.
    Hando Rand

    Explaining the company’s choice, Hando Rand, Agrello Project Lead and co-founder stated: “We’ve been searching for over a year to find a blockchain platform that would fit our needs. Qtum allows us to build a mobile-compatible and scalable smart contract solution, and hence is our technology of choice.”

    Agrello’s decision to base its technology on Qtum was announced Wednesday in Shanghai, at an Qtum event. The Qtum project has recently raised $15.6 million in one of the industry’s fastest token crowd-sales to date, and seeks to open its platform for public use in Q3 this year.

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  • Who wouldn't want to develop on QTUM. This is going to be the best block chain yet!

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