Error: Incorrect or no genesis block found - Qtum version v0.14.12

  • Hi, After downoading v0.14.12 to update from v0.14.2 I can't seem to get the service to start. Checking the debug.log I get the following snippet
    2018-01-02 18:25:17 Error: Incorrect or no genesis block found. Wrong datadir for network?
    2018-01-02 18:25:17 Shutdown: In progress...
    2018-01-02 18:25:17 scheduler thread interrupt
    2018-01-02 18:25:17 Shutdown: done
    2018-01-02 18:25:18

    I had recently setup my raspberry pi 3 as per the steemit instructions at

    After everything seemed to be working fine I sent a small amount of qtum to my wallet as a test, however after a couple of hours it hadn't appeared. Realising by following the steemit instructions I'd installed v0.14.2, I then tried upgrading to v0.14.12 as per another steemit post at

    However, I now get this error when trying to restart. Any help with resolving the new error or getting the amount of qtum I transferred to show would be greatly appreciated. Is there an average time range it normally takes to receive a transfer to a wallet after the sender says it has confirmed the send transaction?

  • Further to my initial post, I thought I'd try restoring my wallet.dat by effectively starting again after referring to this post
    With the service stopped I basically just deleted everything under the .qtum folder and then starting the service again to get it to recreate the contents of the folder with a new wallet.dat. This seemed to work fine. I then stopped the service, and replaced the new wallet.dat file with my previously backed up encrypted wallet.dat file. However, when I start the service again, this time I get different errors in the debug.log file as per the following snippet

    2018-01-02 20:20:55 Checking all blk files are present...
    2018-01-02 20:20:55 LoadBlockIndexDB: transaction index disabled
    2018-01-02 20:20:55 LoadBlockIndexDB: log events index disabled
    2018-01-02 20:20:55 Initializing databases...
    2018-01-02 20:20:55 init message: Verifying blocks...
    2018-01-02 20:20:55 block index 402ms
    2018-01-02 20:20:55 init message: Loading wallet...
    2018-01-02 20:20:55

    EXCEPTION: St13runtime_error
    CDB: Error 13, can't open database wallet.dat
    bitcoin in AppInit()

    2018-01-02 20:20:55 Shutdown: In progress...
    2018-01-02 20:20:55 scheduler thread interrupt
    2018-01-02 20:20:55 Shutdown: done

    Is there something obvious I'm missing to get the service started with my backed up wallet.dat? Again, any clues would be greatly appreciated

  • For anyone interested I managed to fix the errors I was getting after trying to restore my wallet.dat. I happened to be using WinSCP to connect to my raspberry pi 3 and to transfer files, and in the WinSCP UI I noticed the file owner for the wallet.dat was different after I had copied it from my pc to my pi. After changing the owner of the file via file properties in WinSCP and then restarting, bingo it started fine. Doing a 'getaccountaddress' seems to show the original public address I sent coin to. However, it still seems to show 0 balance as though I haven't received my initial test transfer. I'll give it few hours more to see. Other cryptos I've worked with are usually transfer within half an hour. Is there a typical timeframe for QTUM transaction amounts to be received after successfully being sent?

  • Halleluja! - transfer amount finally arrived in my wallet after about 6 hours from initial raspberry pi wallet install attempt. Perhaps it doesn't normally take that long and there had possibly been some issue before within initial wallet version I tried that I hadn't noticed, and then with subsequently updating with a later version of wallet, and then resolving all the issues I encountered with that, it began working from then. In any case, all good. I'll maybe try a few more small test transfers to test the average time and gain confidence before transferring larger amount. Although I resolved all my issues myself, I just thought I'd update this thread in case my experiences might in any way help other newbies fumbling about with this and encountering similar issues :)

  • Just a final note for any newbies just starting with such questions. I further tested transferring some more coin and it appeared 'unconfirmed' within my wallet within 2 minutes, with confirmation roughly 10 mins later. I suspect my initial attempt at setting up the wallet had some issue (even though it appeared to be setup and running fine), and by updating to the latest version (and overcoming associated issues) it began working as expected.

  • qtum team

    glad to hear the problem solved and thank you for sharing the notes.

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