Qtum 移动端开发更新和移动端智能合约模板市场

  • qtum team

    @Patrick said in some updates about Qtum mobile wallet and mobile smart contact hub:

    last few weeks, Qtum mobile team have some nice updates about the mobile smart contact functions, yesterday, we have some demo and screenshots about the mobile smart contact function.
    some details:
    1 right now, we are running the mobile wallet in the testnet
    2 the screenshots show you can use a token create contact to release your own tokens in qtum mobile wallet through 3 easy steps
    3 it's not SPV yet, right now, it go through the centralized server.
    4 we have the plan to use SPV after the mainnet release.
    5 you can leave your reply on which smart contract function you want to see in Qtum mobile wallet.

    thank you!

    0_1492485371246_0.png 0_1492485376999_1.png 0_1492485385820_2.png 0_1492485397113_3.png 0_1492485406740_4.png 0_1492485415625_5.png

  • 有哪个智能合约功能想出现在Qtum钱包的,大家都可以积极留言!

  • 我担心会不会不好有意的人恶意发行代币,就是有人恶意发行各种代币,骗钱、、

  • The problem is that not many people know or understand what cryptocurrency is or how it works. This simple method of creating our own token is exactly what cryptocurrency needs in life. A beginner, someone who has never used cryptocurgency before should be able to use this feature without any problems and I hope a beginner can use the QTUM network completely without any problems. When I first got into cryptocurrency it was very hard to understand, even harder to purchase cryptocurrency, and get started. Having a wallet on your phone is the best idea yet. If the users could buy and sell straight from their mobile wallet as well as using it for storage, that would be amazing. This could be possible by linking the mobile wallet with a preferred exchange or something like that. Just imagine you can send and receive cryptocurrency from your mobile wallet and you can buy and sell it from the exchange from your mobile wallet as well. What do you think team?

  • 出现如此功能,那些毫无创新的山寨币终于可以停下来,考虑直接使用量子链发行他们的数字货币了。

  • @frankrbruno that was exactly my thoughts on this

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